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15. Sep

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mi:fusion 2.0.9

Miranda Fusion 2.0.9 steht zum Download bereit, mit dem Core Update auf 0.8.6


  • Performance improvements with network logging disabled
  • AIM: Added send directory ability
  • MSN: Added ability to transfer all files in a directory
  • MSN: Use protocol username for chat names in contact list


  • Fixed possible crash in the file transfer window while scrolling
  • Fixed file transfer resume
  • AIM: AIM 7 is now detected
  • AIM: Improved file transfer support
  • Jabber: Ignored the “Manual host” setting during the account registration
  • MSN: Fixed chats with IM Control users
  • MSN: Auth request reason is now displayed
  • MSN: Fixed deletion of contact from Hotmail address book
  • MSN: Fixed avatar sending on chat session

Mi:Fusion Changelog:
v. 2.0.9 – 15.09.2009
+ Core 0.8.6 (diverse Bugfixes)
+ Plugin Update: UserInfoEx